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LED SUN offers some of our business a wide range of outdoor and indoor LED video screens and LED advertising screens. We have many years of experience and high quality and reliable products. Also, we do not overestimate the cost of goods, and our prices are reasonable and will satisfy buyers. Our work

Indoor Led Screen

LED screens display the full depth and full dimension of your brand messages in high definition brilliance, inspiring awe no matter where you set them. From the overhanging edges of skyscraper buildings to digital signage. Our work

Lightweight, multi-pixel indoor LED screens and screens deliver high definition picture quality well suited for viewing at shorter distances. Therefore, the huge horizontal and vertical viewing angles can be easily customized based on screen size and available viewing distance. Therefore, the range of indoor small pixel pitch video wall comes in p0.8 ، p1 ، p1.5 ، p1.92 ، p2.5 ، p3 and above.

LED Screen Features:-

  • Light weight (the weight of one cabin does not exceed 5 kg).
  • Ease of disassembly and installation.
  • High resolution screens.
  • Lighting level control to suit vision.
  • Live broadcast on all media.

Outdoor LED Screen

Our company is considered the largest and most widespread in the market and covers all sectors (entertainmentadvertisingsportsmobile trucksmediastores)

Chillout Gardenia

An outdoor LED screen equipped to work in all weather conditions. Whether it’s a sunny day or a seasonal event at night. Therefore, the high brightness specifications of outdoor LED screens always provide an ideal picture for viewing. Therefore, the range of outdoor LED video walls starts from p3.2 and also includes p3.91, p4.81, p5, p6 and above. The high brightness makes it ideal for store signs and billboards.” 

With the development of technology and the improvement of visual enjoyment, LED screens have made sharing information with audiences better. LED screens can definitely help you in your work.

LED Screens in Egypt The end result is incredible…the screens work without fail, look great in person and on camera and offer much more creative flexibility than you can imagine. Low latency provides a flawless iMAG experience. I’m tired.

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