Modules for indoor use are custom-sized for easy installation and can be configured to unlimited different sizes

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Full front interior maintenance

Indoor LED modules, power supplies, receiver cards, hub cards, and cables are offered at the front end.

Uniform color, high contrast, beautiful picture

As the first standard indoor fixed LED display. Its stability has not only earned the reputation of customers, but also been highly praised and appreciated by other LED display manufacturers.
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Types of screens and technical specifications

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نسخ لـ Indoor Screens

Pixel Pitch

2.5 mm

3.076 mm

4 mm

5 mm


LED Module

Pixel configurationSMD 3 in 1SMD 3 in 1SMD 3 in 1SMD 3 in 1
Density160,000 pixels/㎡ (real pixel)106,102 pixels/㎡ (real pixel)62,500 pixels/㎡ (real pixel)40,000 pixels/㎡ (real pixel)
Module Resolution128 (W) * 64 (H)104 (W) * 52 (H)80 (W) * 40 (H)64 (W) * 32 (H)
Module Dimension320 (W) * 160 (H) * 20 (D)mm
Scan mode 1/32 Scan1/26 Scan1/20 Scan1/16 Scan

Electricity Parameter

Brightness≥ 800 cd/㎡≥ 800 cd/㎡≥ 1200 cd/㎡≥ 1200 cd/㎡
Viewing AngleHorizontally 120° / Vertically 120°
Best Viewing Distance≥ 2.5m≥ 3m≥ 4m≥ 5m
Gray Scale16,384 levels for each color
Max. Power Consumption600 W/㎡485 W/㎡540 W/㎡495 W/㎡
Average Power Consumption≈ 290 W/㎡≈ 235 W/㎡≈ 265 W/㎡245 W/㎡

Control System

Colors16 bit
Brightness Adjustment level 64 level
Screen Refresh Frequency≥1920Hz
Input SignalComposite Video, S-video, DVI, HDMI, SDI, HD-SD
Working Temperature-20~+45 ºC
Protection GradeFront IP 43 / Rear 31
Lifetime100,000 hours
Warranty 1 Years

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