Standard sized, easy-to-install, indoor cabinets feature a quick-setting switch and a unique design for superior heat distribution and cooling

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Uniform color, high contrast, beautiful picture

As the first standard indoor fixed LED display. Its stability has not only earned the reputation of customers, but also been highly praised and appreciated by other LED display manufacturers.

High Efficiency Cooling

With 4 Aerofoil fans in each cabinet. The indoor fixed LED display can cool down instantly when in use. a

Seamless, no gaps

Good standard cabinet with no obvious gaps between cabinets. The non-distortion function keeps the screen in good and smooth condition.

Professional cabin design

Indoor installed LED display products are lighter in weight, LED display with quick lock function, compact structure, easy to install, no gaps. The user-friendly handlebar design makes it easy to move the cabinet.

Excellent thermal performance

Fixed indoor LED display cabinet has good heat dissipation hole structure, unique heat dissipation hole design and completely quiet operation.

Thin and light panel design

Panel depth is 85mm and panel weight is 11kg to make indoor fixed LED screen save cost in transportation and installation more than traditional panel.

Ultra-thin LED box 90 mm

The Class 640 indoor fixed LED box weighs only 8kg, and is only 90mm thick. The ultra-thin and lightweight cabinet is made of aluminum alloy, which makes it have higher strength. This lightweight LED display box is designed to be extremely easy to install.
الشاشات الداخلية Indoor screens

Ultra wide viewing angle

The viewing angle is up to 120 degrees both vertically and horizontally, providing a wide viewing angle. Ultra-wide viewing angle gives you the largest screen viewing area. It offers you clear and natural images in all directions.
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Types of screens and technical specifications

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Indoor Screens

Pixel Pitch

2.5 mm

3.076 mm

4 mm

5 mm


LED Module

Pixel configurationSMD 3 in 1SMD 3 in 1SMD 3 in 1SMD 3 in 1
Density160,000 pixels/㎡ (real pixel)106,102 pixels/㎡ (real pixel)62,500 pixels/㎡ (real pixel)40,000 pixels/㎡ (real pixel)
Module Resolution128 (W) * 64 (H)104 (W) * 52 (H)80 (W) * 40 (H)64 (W) * 32 (H)
Module Dimension320 (W) * 160 (H) * 20 (D)mm
Scan mode1/32 Scan1/26 Scan1/20 Scan1/16 Scan

LED Cabinet

Cabinet Dimension960(W)* 960(H)* 80(D)mm
Cabinet Resolution384 (W) * 384 (H)312 (W) * 312 (H)240 (W) * 240 (H)192 (W) * 192 (H)
Cabinet MaterialSteel
Cabinet Weight≈25 kg≈22 kg≈22 kg≈22 kg
Module quantity3(W)* 6(H) = 18 Module

Electricity Parameter

Brightness≥ 800 cd/㎡≥ 800 cd/㎡≥ 1200 cd/㎡≥ 1200 cd/㎡
Viewing AngleHorizontally 120° / Vertically 120°
Best Viewing Distance≥ 2.5m≥ 3m≥ 4m≥ 5m
Gray Scale16,384 levels for each color
Max. Power Consumption600 W/㎡485 W/㎡540 W/㎡495 W/㎡
Average Power Consumption≈ 290 W/㎡≈ 235 W/㎡≈ 265 W/㎡245 W/㎡

Control System

Colors16 bit
Brightness Adjustment level64 level
Screen Refresh Frequency≥1920Hz
Input SignalComposite Video, S-video, DVI, HDMI, SDI, HD-SD
Working Temperature-20~+45 ºC
Protection GradeFront IP 43 / Rear 31
Lifetime100,000 hours
Warranty1 Years

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