We have screens inside the malls to be used for advertising purposes, displaying promotional videos, exclusive offers and static advertisements. They are characterized by their high accuracy and shape with a distinctive decorative design. They are also characterized by the ease of updating advertisements, including the screen and control devices.


  1. Luminous intensity up to 6000 units
  2. Saving in the use of electricity
  3. You don’t need a cooling system
  4. Light weight (the weight of one cabin does not exceed 5 kg)
  5. Ease of movement and movement
  6. HD screens
  7. Control the level of lighting to suit the vision
  8. Live broadcasts from all media
  9. circumferential precision
  10. Saving in the use of electricity

We help you choose the right size for your mobile advertising screen

We hope the information in this article will help you make an informed decision about which projects you need to consider, and screen size. and screen resolution after determining the viewing distance when you choose a screen that suits your needs. The Lead Sun Egypt company will provide complete solutions to its clients. If you need some guidance in the planning stages of your project