Features of the giant screen


The screen can broadcast video and television shows, 3D animated films and visual effects, which are very essential to attract attention and arouse interest.

More interactive

Screens can display information that is constantly or at a constant rate, such as promotions, special offers, and updates related to schedules and products.

More professional and advanced

Screens are a high-tech tool that spreads very quickly as a result of its ability to improve the quality of the work it has dealt with.


The giant advertising screens are brighter than the well-known traditional advertisements and are clearer to see from long distances, even in the presence of direct sunlight.

⇐Saves electricity due to the low density of LEDs
⇐Complete screen control system
⇐ Various control systems for individual games Calculation of results and points as soon as they are recorded on video screens


  • Control the screen from anywhere remotely using the Internet or Wi-Fi
  • Possibility to broadcast live matches
  • It is easy to use and has special programs that explain how to use it
  • It is easy to maintain and the ability to repair and know the causes of its damage
  • by monitoring its fault system.
  • It has a remote control feature
  • Very energy-saving and works wirelessly via Wi-Fi
  • Padded with rubber pads that protect it from damage and destruction
  • It has waterproof insulation and deals with weather changes efficiently
    LED screens maintain a high rate of quality and clarity

Models that can be used
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We help you choose the right size for your mobile advertising screen

We hope the information in this article will help you make an informed decision about which projects you need to consider, and screen size. and screen resolution after determining the viewing distance when you choose a screen that suits your needs. The Lead Sun Egypt company will provide complete solutions to its clients. If you need some guidance in the planning stages of your project