3D LED Screen

3D LED Screen

Using outdoor LED advertising screens for advertising and brand promotion is nothing new. The past decade has proven to have an immediate and lasting impact on increasing brand presence and product knowledge. But recently, the display technology industry is experiencing a renaissance, with some innovative ideas achieving stunning naked-eye 3D visual effects on outdoor LED screens. 3D LED displays provide viewers with more impactful and beautiful visual effects than static images presented by traditional LEDs, making them the next focus of display technology.

When we go to the cinema to watch 3D movies, we usually wear special 3D glasses to get real 3D effects. In contrast, a 3D LED display is an LED display that allows viewers to enjoy true three-dimensional images with the naked eye. Like LED equipment, it is installed outdoors, usually on the exterior of the building, attracting people who can pass by and stop and look at the 3D story or content of the product, leaving a deep feeling. In recent years, more and more brands have discovered that 3D outdoor advertising LED messages can reveal unexpected products in a new way. Discussing 3D LED displays allows customers to see the latest changes in technology and see the impact on the face.

3D LED Screen

How Does 3D LED Screen Work?

How is this immersive naked -eye 3D visual image created without the aid of 3D glasses? 3D LED displays are a combination of 3D digital imaging technology and traditional dynamic LED displays to create 3D images. The reason why  people can enjoy 3D photos or videos with the naked eye is because 3D LED provides different images at different depths, making people’s eyes more sensitive. 2D images are converted into 3D images.

We were born with the idea of ​​3- dimensional space. When our eyes see an object, due to the small distance between the two eyes, two different small images will appear, which allows the brain to calculate the combination of objects, thus creating a three-dimensional effect. The 3D display of glasses uses the same principle to separate the image and send it to the right and left of the viewer’s eyes, thus achieving a 3D effect. 3D LED display uses some arc or a flexible LED display that can be bent up to 90 degrees as a device to display two images taken from different angles and placed in a single injection. When we look at these images with our left and right eyes, parallax occurs, causing depth to be seen in 3D technology.

3D LED instructions do not create a clear 3D effect, but use technology and naked eye images to achieve three- dimensional results in the poster. As consumer demand for 3D LED displays and the advertising benefits they bring to brands continues to grow, 3D LED displays are becoming increasingly popular among audiences and brands.

Advantages of 3D LED outdoor advertising products

In the future, 3D LED outdoor displays will be more commercial than outdoor displays Therefore, customers and brands may pay more attention to 3D instructions. 3D outdoor advertising displays deliver 3D images that are more realistic and believable than 2D messages because 3D images are larger, have higher pixel density, and do not have physical edges that distort the image. Therefore, your brand image and product presentation will come to life with 3D LED screens.

Additionally, 3D images provide viewers with new visual experiences that cannot be seen in 2D images, encouraging customers to spend more time exploring your brand and products. 3D technology adds depth to your content and makes your ads effective. Not only does it introduce your brand to the masses, but it also increases customer retention and creates the potential to generate more business for your brand.

3D LED Screen

3D LED display requirements Compared with

LED displays, 3D LED displays have high requirements in terms of software and hardware configuration to display the best naked eye 3D image effect. Hardware- wise, it is difficult for the traditional flat LED display to show the 3D effect because the rendered image cannot enter the left and right sides of the person through the editing model’s eyes, causing parallax.

Therefore, the 3D LED display needs to be a flexible LED display that can be mounted at a 90° right angle or in an arc. In addition, 3D imaging technology with the naked eye pays more attention to the details of the image. To achieve better results, the hardware needs to achieve better contrast and HDR high dynamic range, so outdoor LED displays used for 3D imaging technology need to be bright and have a high refresh rate.

3D LED Screen

In terms of software, 3D outdoor advertising LED display should support high- definition, high- color depth video encoding and be able to be converted to various video import and playback software.

RIGARD outdoor advertising LED display is one of the best solutions for 3D display technology. As a professional LED display manufacturer, RIGARD provides essential services for high- performance outdoor LED and naked eye visible 3D displays. High brightness and high resolution are the main features of RIGARD outdoor LED display. Thanks to industry-leading narrow technology, they can provide viewers with an enjoyable experience by delivering clear images and more. RIGARD LED also meets the requirements of 3D display technology for easy illumination, allowing it to be bent 90 degrees to maximize the effect of the combination of beauty and technology.

In addition, the RIGARD outdoor LED display can be controlled via 4G, WIFI connection can be provided, 3D photos and videos can be stored in the cloud and adjustments can be made in real time, reducing operating costs in emergency situations. 3D LED screen breaks away from the traditional two- faced screen and attracts visitors’ attention with a new visual experience. It is the future direction of outdoor advertising display and one of the best solutions for you to achieve the type of advertising and promotion.

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