Engineering consultancy specializes in providing professional consulting solutions and includes engineering, industrial and administrative consultancy services in cooperation with leaders and consultants with scientific and practical experiences in various fields.

We aspire to be a reliable authority with a sound opinion, an important reference and an honest advisor to those wishing to obtain informed and knowledgeable advice that pays attention to the smallest details.

In his consultation, we believe that the specialized academic role supported by practical experiences enhances business efficiency and contributes to reducing costs, opening up prospects for business development, shortening distances and overcoming obstacles.

The objective of this engineering consultancy.

It is the application of scientific foundations to reach design, planning, implementation supervision and quality control of engineering projects to the desired end according to the latest scientific and engineering developments proposed to obtain the best benefit.

Successful and effective implementation with our consulting services to supervise the projects we undertake

To complete projects on time and budgets, along with quality adherence to designs and regulations, with the help of the largest consulting offices in Egypt.

Our consulting and project management services enable you to ensure sustainable success by engaging your employees, providing a clear goal focused on results and establishing a monitoring system for reliable evaluation. We provide full guidance designed to improve all phases of the project, with an emphasis on efficiency in all respects.

Ensure the sustainable success of your company with our project management consulting services.

We provide you with comprehensive consulting and project management services from planning to execution, allowing you to focus on your core business. We also ensure quality, timeliness and regulatory compliance by placing your project in the hands of professionals and experienced. Furthermore, our consultants help you maintain complete technical and financial control to avoid cost overruns and stay on budget

External management of the project with five comprehensive phases that will complete the work

The project is managed through proper application and integration of processes in 5 stages

Our project management consultants provide successful advice with appropriate implementation, integrating the processes into the five steps (create – plan – implement – control and monitor – finish the project). All projects require their managers to identify requirements as well as meet different needs and work to meet stakeholder expectations, as well as consider project constraints such as scope, quality, schedule, cost and resources.

We provide appropriate solutions to ensure compliance with legislative and statutory requirements, ensuring that quality standards are met and that resources are used efficiently. As a result of the experience our project management consultants have gained through mega projects; Our consultants provide flexible and seamless solutions