LED screen installation

LED screen installation
Giant LED billboards with the column

LED advertising displays, which are often installed in cities or highways, have two installation methods: one line and two lines.

The installation of a column can prevent the installation of a large. LED display and increase the amount of radiation and viewing distance to make advertising more visible.

This installation method usually requires thinking of a pillar that can support the weight of the large LED screen, and placing it high to ensure that it is higher than the obstacle.

LED screen installation

LED screens with wall installation

This installation method is usually divided into two types, front maintenance structure, and rear maintenance structure. The front maintenance structure is generally suitable for small outdoor LED screens and indoor LED displays. When maintenance is performed later, maintenance can be performed directly from the front of the LED display.

LED screen installation
LED displays with the floor installation structure

Usually on the roof and the top of elevated buildings, the ground installation method. will be selected, and the height of the existing building will be used to locate the audience of your advertising. LED display.

LED screen installation
LED screen with the hanging installation

This type of LED display is used for. LED display screen, and it is more used in the entertainment industry and exhibitions.

LED screen installation

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