Led screen outdoor ksa price in ksa

Led screen outdoor ksa price in ksa

Outdoor LED screen are a cost-effective, reliable and modern means of advertising with the potential to provide clients with a high return on investment. Compared with traditional printed billboards, outdoor LED displays have richer functions, higher durability, longer service life and high protection level.

In this article, we will provide you with the main points of outdoor LED display and some important knowledge points to help you make the right decision when investing in LED display.

Led screen outdoor ksa price in ksa

LED display can bring you many benefits and improve your business:

(1) Improve brand image by promoting your products more effectively and impressively.
(2) Generate other revenue through Sponsor’s advertisements;
(3) Increase sales through better publicity;
(4) Compared with other traditional advertising methods, it can instantly attract audiences;
(5) Ultra-simple operation control method, saving huge labor costs;
(6) Easy maintenance and repair, saving time and money.

What Using Scenarios Can You Apply to Outdoor LED Display

You can use outdoor LED displays in many places, including shopping malls, plazas, fairs, outdoor exhibitions, building exteriors, parks, parades, marathons, sports fields, etc.

The outdoor LED screen supports a variety of connection methods, which can display images, videos, scores, communication games, cameras, text, etc.

The strong protective effect ensures that outdoor LED displays can be used in more scenes than indoors, because this particularity is required.

Led screen outdoor ksa price in ksa

Characteristics for Outdoor LED Screens

1. At least IP65 protection level
2. Adjustable high brightness
3. High-quality images
4. Convenient operation and maintenance
5. Energy-saving ability

Led screen outdoor ksa price in ksa as we’ve already mentioned, outdoor LED screens are often very large, even gigantic. Using an energy-efficient LED display can save you a lot of money in the long run due to its low power consumption and long lifespan. Lower electricity costs also reduce excess heat and extend the life of internal components

Installation methods for the LED Displays?

Here are multiple installation methods for you to choose from based on your specific situations:

How to Control Outdoor Advertising LED Display?

There are two control methods – synchronous control system and asynchronous system. It is easy to define the difference between these two control methods – the former displays the same content on the control computer, while the latter needs to pre-edit the content and then send it to the receiving card.
Their advantages and disadvantages are also different. For example, by synchronizing the control system, users can view virtually any input source with zero latency. However, it is also possible that the control computer becomes a source of interference and nothing is displayed on the screen.
Simultaneous. LED video displays are sometimes larger in size and can be used in indoor and outdoor applications such as 4K LED displays, creative LED displays, and rental LED displays.
Asynchronous control systems are suitable for repetitive content, such as advertisements, slogans, and announcements, where the playback is relatively brief and the use of synchronous control systems is unnecessary.

why choose led sun for your outdoor led screen?

High-standard raw materials, Favorable prices, 24/7 Worry-free services, High-quality LED display, as a mature and experienced outdoor LED display.

Outdoor LED displays can play an important role in many events and locations. Choosing the right outdoor LED screen company is vital to maximize investment and gain high returns.

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