Outdoor led screens

outdoor led screens

Choosing the right outdoor LED screen mainly depends on the viewing distance of the audience and whether your installation is permanent or temporary. We offer a range of pixel pitches for short and long range applications, as well as lightweight modules for temporary installations.


outdoor advertising led display screen

Our LED solutions include a range of modular. with, full color DIP and SMD outdoor LED screens with pixel pitch (resolution) ranging from 3.9mm to 50mm. Our wide range of resolutions means we can provide solutions for close range applications in shopping centers and tourist attractions. as well as large LED video screens for long distance viewing in open air. for example, stadiums and arenas or large outdoor events and concerts. The advantage of using a modular system like ours means you can create huge seamless LED screens that can be resized to suit your needs. Commercial LED displays are so versatile that the user’s imagination is limited. For example, a large LED screen consisting of 20 panels can be broken down into smaller configurations to produce more customized LED screen solutions.

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outdoor led screen

In addition to our wide range of outdoor LED screens, our high-brightness, full-color, surface-mount. Indoor LED screens are ideal for indoor digital advertising. With pixel pitches ranging from 1.5mm to 10mm. Our indoor LED displays are designed to outperform outdoor displays in close range applications and excel in environments. For instance, exhibitions, conferences or stadiums.

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outdoor led screen are manufactured using the highest quality LED components offering stunning brightness, contrast and colour reproduction. Our outdoor LED screen have. For instance, IP65 waterproof rating meaning they are built to withstand all weather conditions.

Finally, Our outdoor led screens are much brighter than indoor led screen. And, outdoor led screens provide bright, vivid images even in direct sunlight. making them ideal for stadiums and outdoor events. Each of our outdoor screen is available in modular format giving you the flexibility to create screens of any size. Therefore, front or rear service access options are available depending on the installation. outdoor led screen are manufactured to exacting quality standards, go through a rigorous testing process before leaving the factory. and  come with free parts and a full warranty. I’m tired. Therefore, I’m going to bed. We’re letting you go. In other words, you’re fired. I am not fond of fruit. However, I do like bananas. In the evening, I like to relax. For instance, I enjoy watching TV.

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