Indoor Menu Boards and Displays

شاشات منيو المطاعم

Indoor Menu Boards and Displays are among the best and most powerful tools used in restaurants, fast food outlets, and cafes for the purpose of facilitating sales.

Restaurant menu screens provide multiple services and benefits:

  • Presenting foodstuffs in an aesthetically pleasing way to increase customers’ appetite and desire to eat.
  • He skillfully promoted the food, especially the restaurant’s new naming.
  • View consolidated orders (multiple recipes) with a description of their prices and discounts.
  • In addition, customers can order food from the screen interface through the restaurant menu screen.
  • Customers can also check directly from the front of the screen.
  • Restaurant menu screens also allow customers to order, change or add items while eating.
  • The chef can take the order directly and tell the chef that his order is ready.
  • Run exclusive ads and provide unique promotional content.
  • Indoor Menu Boards and Displays.
  • All of these will:
  1.  It gives the customer a sense of comfort, well-being and complete satisfaction.
  2.  Speed of service provision. Thus providing more services.
  3.  Facilitating workers to have time to prepare their meals quickly, which provides faster service.

Restaurant ordering screens and why they are important

Restaurant displays can be intelligentized and used in a variety of ways to maximize physical benefits:

  • Beautifully animated menu images and display information for each order.
  • It also displays offers, new recipes, and short-term promotions.
  • Reverb wonderful decorative effect.
  • Provide distinctive entertainment content.
  • Show restaurant and social media promotions.
Indoor Menu Boards and Displays

High-quality restaurant menu screens are installed and installed in distinct locations so that their goals can be fully achieved and maximum benefit can be achieved.

It must be combustibly distributed:
  • Reception interface: A screen is installed at the top of the reception interface or inside the restaurant in order to display special information about the menu.
  • External interface: A screen is installed on the external side to highlight special offers and attract customers.
  • Inside the dining hall, facing the audience.
  • Install the kitchen screen in a suitable location in front of the chefs eyes.
Indoor Menu Boards and Displays

Restaurant menu screens have many advantages and features that make them an indispensable way to follow customer orders and present food in a beautiful way, which helps to promote the restaurant and its food:

  • Equipped with a facial recognition system function. In this way, it is possible to understand customers and provide them with customized services.
  • Support high refresh rate, increase the degree of interaction with users.
  • It has a multimedia interface.
  • Remote control is also possible.
  • Android operating system.
  • Unique software for handling screens and the ability to edit menus from your smartphone.
  • In addition, the user interface can be handled via the touch function.

Smart screens for restaurants are a good specification

The installation of a vertical screen or a wall-mounted screen has the following characteristics:

  • Delicate and elegant design creates a great aesthetic sense inside the restaurant.
  • All colors match.
  • The image is characterized by convergence, high clarity, and high quality of vision.
  • Uniform and perfect brightness.
  • High durability that enables it to work for a long time.
  • Long-term operation without the possibility of defects or damage.
  • Different sizes.
  • The possibility of including the name and logo on it.

Restaurant menu display solutions

  • Screens Company provides the best solutions for restaurant menu screens, display screens for cafes, and screens
  • Display of shops.
  • Rental of screens for parties, opening celebrations, special events and seasons.
  • Design and programming of a distinctive digital menu.
  • The best and finest types of display screens compatible with modern technology.
We will be happy to discuss your options Indoor Menu Boards and Displays . We will provide a presentation of the products and practical applications for the construction and installation of your chosen display system. For the LED display price, please click here.
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