The prices of 2023 led screens

The prices of 2023 led screens?

Many consumers understand the specifications, features and designs of LED screens. but they will feel confused because different types of LED screens have the same design and even the same specifications but with a huge difference in prices; Why these differences? What are the prices of 2023 led screens ?

Suppose you are also worried about how much USD you can buy LED screen or how much USD you need to start LED screen installation. In this case, you can read on, or you can click to touch or call directly to get the price of outdoor and indoor LED screens.

Led screen prices 2023
outdoor led screen
The prices of 2023 led screens?
indoor led screen

What are the prices of 2023 led screens?

Without knowing the exact specifications of the screen you want, it is impossible to accurately price 2023 indoor advertising screens. In general, the price of an advertising screen is affected by many factors, including screen size, quality., display resolution, design, installation location, and customer geographic area.
LED SUN EGYPT offers high quality indoor and outdoor LED screens at competitive prices. We can provide a tailor-made quotation according to your individual needs, and also provide technical support and after-sales service to ensure customer satisfaction.
And because LED display products are relatively new products in our domestic market.
Sometimes customers are confused about the prices of the 2023 screens, as he believes that he can only know the price of the size he wants by comparing with several companies, and he believes that all screen specifications are the same.
Contrary to reality, the internal components play a very important role in determining the price, and the criteria are not only external dimensions, or even just screen resolution. Below we outline some of the components that determine the prices of 2023 monitors:

1- An external frame

    • Iron Cabinet: It is a cabinet made of electrostatically treated and coated iron.
    • Aluminum Cabinet: It is a frame that surrounds the entire body of the screen.
    • Die cast aluminum cabinet: It is a cabinet made of carefully pressed and cast aluminum.

2- Module

    • External module: it is well insulated. Therefore, it prevents the access of water, dust and moisture to the electronic components in it, in addition to the high degree of brightness so that it can work efficiently and clearly in daylight.
outdoor module
outdoor module
    • Indoor module: not isolated and suitable for indoor environment only.
Resolution, dot density, or the number of LEDs per square meter, which the higher the number, the clearer the image.
indoor module
indoor module

3- power supply

One of the most important elements while determining the cost, as its performance is reflected positively and negatively on the screen in terms of the intensity of the glow and the efficiency of performance. Several different brands are available, the most famous of them in the Egyptian market is Meanwell – G-energy – youyi.
Power supply is one of the most important parts of the screen, which has a significant impact on the stability of the screen’s performance in general and its lack of malfunctions. Because of the high prices, some companies resort to replacing them with popular types that are cheaper in price and shorter in life.

Technical parameters -4

First, the brightness of the screen, the refresh rate, and the number of frames per second. The intensity of brightness is measured by a scaling factor called candela. It is abbreviated as CD, and the brightness ranges in the models available in the Egyptian market now, between 600CD and 8500CD. This depends on the internal or external module, the type of LED used, and the quality of manufacturing.
As for the refresh rate, it is the ability of the screen during the repeated display of the same frame per second, and it ranges in the Egyptian market between 600Hz to 3840Hz. While using a high refresh rate, you will see the image clearly on the mobile screen without ripples.
This is in addition to the ability of the screen to display the number of frames per second., which is known as FPS. The higher the number of frames, the better the quality. Therefore, the image does not cut while showing sports clips and action scenes.
We will be happy to discuss the prices of 2023 displays regarding the LED display. We will provide a presentation of the products and practical applications for the construction and installation of your chosen display system. For the LED display price, please click here.
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