Types of outdoor and indoor video displays

Types of outdoor and indoor video displays

What are LED screens:

LED screens are the best types of screens used in the field of advertising, as they are capable of advertising in all ways, whether in writing, videos or pictures.

Outdoor display screens

You can find it in public squares, on highways and main roads, and it is also found on top of residential buildings or on marketing malls.

  1. Resistant to weather factors, dust, storms and rain.
  2.  A high degree of clarity for the displayed videos.
  3. High display accuracy and viewing from a very long distance.
Indoor display screens

As the name suggests, indoor LED display refers to medium-sized and large LED display applied indoors.

Indoor LED display screens can be seen everywhere. For example, supermarket, shopping mall, bank, company, and so on.

Not like other digital displays such as LCD displays, LED displays do not need backlight, which increases its brightness level, electricity-saving ability, viewing angle, and contrast ratio.

The presentation is done in two ways:

The textual method of displaying the advertisement: where the advertisement or introduction to the place appears in the form of animated text and is often found in front of famous restaurants or on screens displaying results in matches or screens displaying restaurants for offers and also in malls.

Video display screens: Through which videos are displayed live, such as broadcast or through recorded video, they are often used to broadcast matches and are widely found inside cinemas, television and news programmes, giant malls, cafes and large restaurants.


LED display screen resolution:
The vision of display screens differs, as there are what you can see in a lower way, such as screens such as   P4  –  P5  –  P6
Some of them appear clearly from longer distances, but from close up the light intensity is great and therefore the colors are glowing, for example  P8  –  P10
As for the colors of the display screens, they are one color, called the screen R, two colors RG, or three colors RGB.
In terms of characteristics
Transparent display screens: what is behind them is visible, as it is a glass screen that does not hide the decor, and when it is turned on, it shows what is on it
Touch screen displays: to keep pace with technological changes in the world of screens in order to make them easier and more flexible.

Display screen features

Display screens are distinguished by their superior ability to control the degree of clarity of images and to transmit videos.

Hand screens maintain a high level of quality and clarity. They are easy to use and have special programs that explain to you methods of use and maintenance.

What Is the Difference between Indoor and Outdoor LED Display?

Here we will give you some of the most obvious differences between indoor LED screens and outdoor LED displays.

(1) Brightness level

Due to the ambient light, indoor display usually needs a lower brightness level than outdoor ones.

Generally speaking, the brightness level of indoor screens is around 800nits, but for outdoor screens, it should be at least 5,500nits to enable clarity of displayed contents.

(2) Pixel pitch

As you may know, the decision of pixel pitch relates to the viewing distance of the screen.

Indoor LED screen, obviously, has a closer viewing distance, thus needing finer pixel pitch to avoid distortion when people standing close to the screen.

And for outdoor LED displays, pixel pitch like P10 is common. Also, the larger size of outdoor LED billboard often requires a larger pixel pitch.

(3) Protection ability

The protection ability of indoor LED display screen only needs IP43, but outdoor displays needs at least up to IP65 as outdoor environment can be changeable, therefore the screen should be waterproof and dustproof enough to resist extreme weather conditions like rain, high heat, consistent sun, and dust. 

(4) Cost 

The raw materials of LED displays can vary greatly. And size and resolution are also different.

For example, fine pixel pitch LED display means there will be more LED lamp beads on the panel, leading to the increased price. And larger size also means the same.

Popular features of LED screens

  • Clearer

    The screen can broadcast video and television shows, 3D animated films, and visual effects, which are very essential to attract attention and arouse interest.

  • More interactive

    Screens can display information that is updated continuously or at a fixed rate, such as promotions, special offers, and product updates related to schedules.

  • More professional and sophisticated

    LED screens are considered a high-tech tool that is spreading very quickly due to its ability to improve the quality of the work it handles.

  • Brighter

    The giant LED screens for advertisements are characterized by being brighter than the well-known traditional advertisements and clearer to see from long distances, even in the presence of direct sunlight.

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