LED outdoor screen Saudi Arabia

LED outdoor screen Saudi Arabia
LED SUN has specialized in outdoor LED screen for more than 10 years. LED outdoor screen Saudi Arabia we provide cost-effective outdoor LED screen with high brightness and energy saving features.
  • High brightness up to 7,000 nits.
  • Both front and back service for easy installation.
  • 40%-50% energy saving.
  • Unique and modular design, ultra slim and lightweight.
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LED outdoor screen Saudi Arabia
Custom Screen Sizes

As the first standard indoor fixed LED screen. Its stability has not only earned the reputation of customers, but also been highly praised and appreciated by other LED screen manufacturers.

Outdoor Fixed Installation LED Screen
640*640 Series

The outdoor installed LED screen cabinet, made of iron material heat treatment, and covered with waterproof anti-corrosion protective film, can extend the service life, improve heat resistance.

LED outdoor screen Saudi Arabia
960*960 Series

Die-cast aluminum body, 90% recycling rate for the whole product. Long life, 30% abundance while using 7000nits. Using 10000nits, 3000nits can maintain 7000nits using for 5 years, good heat dissipation performance

How to choose a suitable outdoor LED screen? What are the specifications?

LED SUN LED outdoor screen Saudi Arabia team will provide the right solution based on where, visibility and how your project will be installed.
we have cabinet 500*500mm, 640*640mm, and 960*960mm to meet different size requirements.

How does the outdoor LED screen work?

The LED outdoor screen Saudi Arabia adopts cabinet connection and supports synchronous and asynchronous control. There are many installation methods for outdoor LED screen, such as: B. Wall-mounted, wall-mounted, single-pole, double-pole, roof-mounted, etc.

What are the advantages of outdoor LED screen?

  • Strong visual impact.
  • high coverage.
  • long release time.
  • low audience dislike.
  • Energy saving and environmental protection.
  • Publishing information is simple and convenient.
  • Upgrade the city level.

How to install the outdoor LED screen?

  • At the installation site, find where to fasten the mounting screws.
  • Secure the frame to the wall.
  • Mount the screen to the frame.
  • Connect the power cord and arrange the wires.
  • Turn on the screen and start debugging.

How long is the production lead time of the outdoor LED screen?

 Regular sizes are in stock, production time for customized products takes 15-20 days (depending on screen size).

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