LED screen Rental Riyadh

LED screen Rental Riyadh

We often see rental LED screen in our daily life, such as LED background screens for friends’ weddings. Therefore, the question often arises: what is the rental price of the LED screens? What is the rental price of an LED wall? This article tells you how much it will cost so you can have a rough estimate before signing a contract.

We may want to check the exact rental price of LED screen on the Internet, but found that many companies are unwilling to list the price. A major reason for this is that there may be large differences, highlighting differences in product quality, specifications, availability, location, hours of service, etc.

So how do they affect the rental cost of LED screens? Here we list some of the basic factors you need to know.

1. Pixel Pitch

Generally speaking, the smaller the pixel pitch, the higher the resolution and the clearer the image. However, keeping the pixel pitch as small as possible is not a golden rule when choosing an LED screen.

LED screen Rental Riyadh
2. Event Location

Whether the location is indoor or outdoor? Renting an indoor LED display can be cheaper than renting an outdoor LED display because the outdoor LED displays usually need higher durability and brightness and more.

3. Service Time

In common, the cost of the first day will be the most expensive, and then it will decrease in the consecutive days. The longer the time you rent, the higher the cost will be.

4. Installation

You may need some construction tools to contribute to install LED screen Rental Riyadh, and more complex the installation and more intense the timeframe, the labor resources will be more expensive.

5. Modular or Mobile

If you wish to rent a modular one LED screen Rental Riyadh, it is usually more expensive than the mobile one. The mobile LED display is permanently built on a movable vehicle, and it can cater to the requirement of contacting targeted audiences as much as possible.

It is common in some special occasions such as amusement park, electronic music festival, parade, etc. However, you may need to deploy a person who run the display in the vehicle, so don’t forget to account this cost into the overall budgets.

LED screen Rental Riyadh

The modular LED screen was erected on site, and metal scaffolding was required for construction. They are more popular among indoor event LED dispaly and offer more customization possibilities. Also, the size can be very large, such as LED video walls.

6. Size

The larger the size of the LED, the higher the rental price of the LED wall.
The multiple functions of the rental LED display can provide many possibilities that other media tools cannot provide, such as: B. Super large and massive viewing at the same time, and strong environmental adaptability.

How You Calculate LED Screen Display Prices

If you want to rent an LED screen, you may not only need to consider the rental cost, but also the labor and resource costs to operate the equipment.
Rental prices usually include the cost of an on-site LED technician who will assist you with setting up, operating and dismantling the screen after the event. Additionally, sound and performance are sometimes covered.


Some Points of Attention for LED Rental Wall Price!

(1) Structural costs

Obtain a CAD drawing of the cabinet from the supplier.
Please contact your local structural supplier to determine the cost of frame components based on drawings.
Coordinate with installer to estimate installation costs.

(2) Shipping

Find the pickup address, estimated ship date, and exact package dimensions to determine shipping costs.
For sea freight, please specify the destination cost, such as B, unloading fee, terminal handling charge (THC), port service charge (PSC), loading and unloading charge, port congestion surcharge, etc., to be paid when arriving at the destination port. Please check with the carrier for cost specifications and shipping charges.
Keep an eye on shipping cost trends and allow some wiggle room when making quotes to end users.

(3) Taxes

Please contact your local broker to determine tax and duty requirements for LED displays. Tax and customs requirements may vary by country.

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